What we are and where we are
KIUCHI PROPERTY COUNSELORS AND VALUERS INC is Real Estate and Property Professional whom you can rely on,having its office in CBD of Tokyo metropolitan, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Japan.

 What we do
Of Real Estate and Property
  Due Diligence for Investment and M&A
1. Corporate Background

 KIUCHI PROPERTY COUNSELORS AND VALUERS INC is professional     corporation that specializes in real estate.

 Since 1986, when it was founded, it has continued to do dependable       professional performances, in English as well as in Japanese.

 Since 1965, Mr. FUMIO KIUCHI, Certified Real Estate Appraiser, Certified    Real Estate Counselor, Representative and Chief Professional Team       Members of this professional corporation, has been engaged in real estate    professional performances.

2. Scope of Professional Services

 Its real estate valuation and counseling practice includes a range of specialized services covering real estate in Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

Professional services include:
  * Valuation of real estate
  * Highest and best use studies - Land utilization studies
  * Market and financial feasibility analyses
  * Litigation and arbitration support
  * Town planning and redevelopment
  * Assessment For Tax Purposes for Government Agency
  * Due diligence research

3. Clients

 Corporations, Financial Institutions, Investment Banks, Investors, Pension Funds, Non-Profit Public Organizations, Tokyo District Court, Central Government (Finance Ministry and National Land Agency), Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Chiba Prefectural Government and Local Towns in Chiba Prefecture.

4. Duties Mr. Fumio Kiuchi is now in charge of

  * Member of Appraisal Committee of Tokyo District Court
  * Member of Valuers for Valuation by Road Rating of Tokyo Regional
    Taxation Bureau
  * Member of Appraisers for Published Land Price Appraisal of National
   Land Agency (Ministry)
  * Member of Appraisers for Fixed Asset Tax Assessment of Ministry of
    Home Affairs
  * Member of Appraisers for Published Land Price Appraisal of Chiba
    Prefectural Government
  * Member of Japanese Association of Real Estate Appraisal
  * Member of International Relations Committee of Japan Society of Real
    Estate Counselors